Access numbers

Our calling card is only a PIN that enable you to make calls. Does not matter what method you use to call outbound, you pay same call rates and also use the same call plan minutes to make outbound calls if you have any subscribed to.

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Call using access number


Account balance

Before you can make a call, please make sure you have enough call credit available in your account, otherwise you can top up your account using any payment method available on your account


Dial access number

Choose an access number in your area, they are all local access numbers and call cost to them is the same as dialling any local area number through your mobile or home phone, call charges may apply by your carrier.


PIN or PIN-less

If you call from your registered phone number with us, Our system will NOT ask to you to enter your pin as we already know it is you otherwise enter pin when asked.


Destination number

After PIN or PIN-Less verification system prompt (IVR) will ask you to dial your desired number followed by hash sign (#) You must dial the full number with country code (e.g. for India you dial 0091 number you are calling).


Hang up

After your call has been connected, you can talk as long as you have minutes. When you’re finished with your call, just hang up.

Our low call rates

rates per minute starting at:


Pakistan 2.9¢

India 1.2¢

Philippines 8.7¢


United Kingdom 0.8¢

United Arab Emirates 13.9¢

How to call

You can call through our Mobile app, from your Android or IOS device using any third party sip app, from your computer and through a Local Access Number like a calling card. Magictel call costs are the same despite the calling method or location, One account to use from anywhere.

Pay as you go

Magictel offers simple pricing, you pay only for what you use, No hidden charges, No monthly or annual costs apply, No connection or disconnection charges, No daily charges, No contracts needed. simply recharge your account and start making calls.

Personal & Business VoIP

Magictel offers affordable calling to keep in touch with your loved ones and clients across the globe at very low international call rates. calls packages are offered for additional savings on phone calls for personal use, beyond geographic boundaries with great low business and personal call rates.

One click calling
from the mobile app

Important Information:
This service cannot be used to make Emergency Calls (000), (999), (911). You will need to make sure you have a fixed line or mobile service that will allow it.

Prices are displayed in United States dollars and include Taxes.
Incoming Numbers available in over 40 Countries.
Support for both BYO devices and Magictel equipment.

Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing any plan or product.