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Cheap international calls Magictel VoIP phone service helps you save money on international and domestic phone calls using your existing internet connection.

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Do you have family and friends overseas?Stay connected and call USA, New Zealand, UK, Australia, India, China and/or Singapore (to name a few) for the cost of a local call.

Rates & pricing

Top destinations

Packages Minutes Features Price Purchase
Standard 265
Mobile + Landline
Classic 865
Mobile + Landline
Mega 1800
Mobile + Landline
Platinum Unlimited*
Package Standard
Minutes 265
Mobile + Landline
Price $9.99
Package Classic
Minutes 865
Mobile + Landline
Price $29.99
Package Mega
Minutes 1800
Mobile + Landline
Price $59.99
Package Gold
Minutes Unlimited*
Any 5 numbers
Price $49.99
Package Platinum
Minutes Unlimited*
Price $99.99

Unlimited Calls*

To landlines only

Unlimited Calls*
USA & Canada

Landline + Mobile

Where do you want to call?
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Free calls between Magictel users

Magictel users can call their loved ones across the globe
for completely free using Magictel mobile app for ios and android

It's easy n simple
no strings attached

Stay connected

Enjoy cheap international calls to your loved ones, no matter where they are in the world, and you won’t have to worry about overseas call charges.

Pay as you Go

We offer simple pricing and you pay only for services used. No hidden monthly or annual costs apply.No connection charges. No contract needed.

Free Voicemail

All our Magictel numbers have their own voicemail box and this service is offered free. You’ll never miss your important calls, no matter where you are.

Fax to Email Service

All our numbers are FAX enabled, so you won’t have to dedicate a separate line for receiving FAX. Receive your faxes virtually without a fax machine.

Make Global Presence

Magictel provides affordable solution to keep in touch with your clients across the globe and expand your business, beyond geographic boundaries.

No long term Commitment

We provide a simple and flexible solution for businesses, without the hassle of hidden costs or long term commitments.24/7 support.

Multi Channel DIDs

We provide flexible, and affordable, channel control where many simultaneous incoming calls are expected on one DID number.

Hosted PBX

Our Hosted PBX allows small and medium-sized businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without the investment in telephone equipment.

Internet phone service

Voice Over Internet Protocol ( VoIP ) services allow you to make low cost International & domestic phone calls using your existing high speed internet connection. Using the internet to make phone calls enables you to avoid the usually high-cost calling from your regular carrier and to take advantage of the great rates that Magictel offers.

Your one stop

Magictel provides a personal virtual number, which promises reliability of a landline, flexibility of a mobile number and coverage that stretches across the globe. Our customers enjoy all these benefits in the most economical and competitive rates.

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We work with the best

Magictel through its global partners provides direct VOIP links to its customers, ensuring super clear and exemplary call quality, but within the most affordable rates in the world.

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